Lucy's cannot be described. They are just too good. One smile, a laugh and you're in love. She loves to laugh, and once she starts, it is pretty much impossible for her to stop. If she smiled at a cereal killer; they would smile back just as pleased. Although it is easy to take advantage of her; she isn't dumb. Her ability to write, and write and write is impeccable. She is so empathetic and perspective; it is like she can read minds. She is gifted and beautiful; and doesn't know it. Not one bit. Everyone adores her, but she can't see it. She is the best friend anyone could ever have. Loyal and hilarious. Loving and just who you need when you're feeling bad. Her gorgeous green eyes and cute little nose perfect her. She has crazy curls and an ass as hot as hell. Lucy is the perfect model of what the true friend, sister, girlfriend, daughter, should be like. She's just that good.
Man- Oh, god. There's Lucy.

Man's Friend- Yeah, so what?

Man- God, I want to marry her.

Man's Friend- Doesn't everyone?
by xarilaxzh29 May 01, 2012
'lucy' is a common name and is used to describe girls with a 'common nature,' as in someone who sleeps around, possibly for money, possibly for recognition.
Don't be like lucy and sleep with every tom, dick and harry that comes your way!

im having a pimp's and hoe's party, im dressing like a lucy
by O.A April 22, 2007

A derogatory nickname for a woman whose crotchal area is offensively saggy.
"Man, I hate having Lucy as a model. She's got her labia pierced too, for Christ's sake."

"Lucy has GOT to stop taking off her clothes!"
by Philippe Jones August 12, 2006
pretty, scottish girl and is soo lovely and loves to have a joke and good to know her - or i would be bored without her - shes not mine but my friends but ill be here to pick her up :)
Snake: god - :) lucy :)
by mini.moreland June 13, 2010
A single cigarette bought at the corner store.
Anyone spare a lucy?
by John the Janitor January 02, 2008
A Lucy, in New York, is a single cigarette. It got its name from the term "loosie," referring to the fact that this cigarette was being sold apart (or loose from) the pack. Lots of outer borough bodegas will sell a Lucy for a buck or two.
I was out of cigarettes but I only had three bucks, so I got a few lucys.
by Tomtomtom2222323 October 30, 2011
A slang term generally used to describe LSD or Acid.
"Last night I was hanging out with Lucy for hours!"

"I hope Lucy comes by tonight!"
by DanIsDirty December 17, 2012

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