A girl with a very lose vagina...
Ana gets banged by every guy in town, she is such a Lucy!
by ValerieRuiZ October 31, 2007
She is a bitch. She uses people, picks them up then drops them. Some may not be like this but i know a few who are. She is selfish. Wants to be popular and would hurt friends to do so. She's cocky and thinks she's better than people. She has been put down a lot but puts down other people herself so does sometimes deserve it. She judges people, lies and is an attention seaker. Sorry if i've offended nice lucys but ones i know aren't.
Lucy - someone who is an attention seaker
by Person13579 August 10, 2013
A girl that is usually a cunt. She has ugly hair and usually is very fake. She is a flirt, but no guys like it because she ends up to be an obsessive freak. She can be nice to those she gets to meet but likes to start a lot of unneeded drama. She may have a muffin top, and takes too many pictures. She eats too much, and tries to have fun. She's not as pretty as she thinks she is but sticks up for her friends.
She's really obnoxious, she must be a Lucy!
by actahawlic May 06, 2011
lucy, someone disugusting and mank. Known to be quite large but wears skimpy clothes, often seen bursting at the seams. hangs around with chavs.

Is disgraceful to all around her, has no respect.
for example, 'eeew, i just saw a lucy'
guy one: 'heyy, whos that nasty chick over there'
guy two: 'must be a lucy'
by quackers :) October 29, 2010
I don't know what everyone else is talking about, Lucy is a mean girl. She acts as though she's a celebrity, royalty and can get away with anything. Likes to pretend that she doesn't know her tits and ass were all over the Internet.
Guy 1: That bitch just shoved me out of the way!
Guy 2: That's Lucy for you
by I'm Already Gone March 16, 2015

Another word for lunatic and someone who has serious mental challenges and sucks at math!!!!!!!!

Chris:Hey did you see that fat lucy walking down the street!!!!!????
kris:ya she was sure a lucy
by numasolal February 27, 2008
Lucy's cannot be described. They are just too good. One smile, a laugh and you're in love. She loves to laugh, and once she starts, it is pretty much impossible for her to stop. If she smiled at a cereal killer; they would smile back just as pleased. Although it is easy to take advantage of her; she isn't dumb. Her ability to write, and write and write is impeccable. She is so empathetic and perspective; it is like she can read minds. She is gifted and beautiful; and doesn't know it. Not one bit. Everyone adores her, but she can't see it. She is the best friend anyone could ever have. Loyal and hilarious. Loving and just who you need when you're feeling bad. Her gorgeous green eyes and cute little nose perfect her. She has crazy curls and an ass as hot as hell. Lucy is the perfect model of what the true friend, sister, girlfriend, daughter, should be like. She's just that good.
Man- Oh, god. There's Lucy.

Man's Friend- Yeah, so what?

Man- God, I want to marry her.

Man's Friend- Doesn't everyone?
by xarilaxzh29 May 01, 2012
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