A girl with a very lose vagina...
Ana gets banged by every guy in town, she is such a Lucy!
by ValerieRuiZ October 31, 2007
A Lucy is a beautiful girl, one of the most beautiful things on the planet. She's on the shorter side, with long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. She's an amazing dancer and actress, and an even better friend. She likes horror movies, Friends, America's Got Talent, the color orange and certain Coldplay music, and is really goofy, funny, and clumsy (in a good way). She often doesn't realize how beautiful she is, and always thinks she looks bad in photos when she really looks amazing. She's the perfect friend: Nice, smart, goofy when she needs to be, and always willing to hang out for the whole day. Almost every guy that she knows wants to be more than just friends, and for some, it's one of their dreams. Any guy that is ever in a relationship with her should count his lucky stars, because he must have a lot to be going out with the one and only Lucy, the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
Look at Lucy nail that combination! She's such an amazing dancer, I want to be just like her!

Every Guy: Man, Lucy is so awesome, I wish we could be more than friends...
by Jughead's Hat September 29, 2014
a backstabbing bitch
She just pulled a MAJOR Lucy.
by billard3 January 22, 2009

Another word for lunatic and someone who has serious mental challenges and sucks at math!!!!!!!!

Chris:Hey did you see that fat lucy walking down the street!!!!!????
kris:ya she was sure a lucy
by numasolal February 27, 2008
A small, intelligent and beautiful girl who has good friends. She is comforting when in need and is someone you want at your side when your down or having a bad day. Usually swims or does archery, but sometimes basketball or softball. Has the most interesting conversations, and a person who gets hugged like a teddy bear. Means the universe and has mysterious charm to anyone, unless they are imbeciles. Also demands chocolate and wants a stuffed Winnie the Pooh.
1. Whose that girl shooting? Her arrows are more accurate than all the others! Oh, she must be a Lucy!

2. Dang it, I messed up everything! Don't sweat it, Lucy will forgive you.

3. Who the hell eats that much chocolate?!?!? Oh, its probably a Lucy or something. No one else eats that much chocolate.
by LyonBlaze August 09, 2014
'lucy' is a common name and is used to describe girls with a 'common nature,' as in someone who sleeps around, possibly for money, possibly for recognition.
Don't be like lucy and sleep with every tom, dick and harry that comes your way!

im having a pimp's and hoe's party, im dressing like a lucy
by O.A April 22, 2007

A derogatory nickname for a woman whose crotchal area is offensively saggy.
"Man, I hate having Lucy as a model. She's got her labia pierced too, for Christ's sake."

"Lucy has GOT to stop taking off her clothes!"
by Philippe Jones August 12, 2006

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