She is a bitch. She uses people, picks them up then drops them. Some may not be like this but i know a few who are. She is selfish. Wants to be popular and would hurt friends to do so. She's cocky and thinks she's better than people. She has been put down a lot but puts down other people herself so does sometimes deserve it. She judges people, lies and is an attention seaker. Sorry if i've offended nice lucys but ones i know aren't.
Lucy - someone who is an attention seaker
by Person13579 August 10, 2013
A gorgeous, musical, sexy girl who is considerate of other's feelings and is very friendly. Means the world to me, is always there for me. Very beautiful, flirty when she wants to be and a truly awesome girlfriend. I love her so much.
1. Lucy is so sexy
2. Wish i was with her every second
3. She's mine for life
by Greeny147 November 29, 2014
A girl that is usually a cunt. She has ugly hair and usually is very fake. She is a flirt, but no guys like it because she ends up to be an obsessive freak. She can be nice to those she gets to meet but likes to start a lot of unneeded drama. She may have a muffin top, and takes too many pictures. She eats too much, and tries to have fun. She's not as pretty as she thinks she is but sticks up for her friends.
She's really obnoxious, she must be a Lucy!
by actahawlic May 06, 2011
A Lucy is one of the most amazing female person ever. She cares for others, she never gives up, clean, healthy, forever loving. She is hard-working and earns her way through life. She is not a back-stabbing person. She is not bad. She is not nasty. She is not a bully. A Lucy is a very quiet and gentle person.
Wow! I wish I had a girlfriend called Lucy! She's so perfect! She's never nasty or horrible to anyone!
by lucyy_babezz December 07, 2014
A girl who you want as your friend, nobody will quite understand you like Lucy does. Although Lucy is the feeder of everyone else's happiness, she is at the bottom of the food chain. Lucy often doesn't have anyone to quite understand her, even when they think they do. She is constantly trying to find her good friends in life, and not the fake ones. She's the type of girl to stay up all night to talk you out of suicide. She's usually small, and perceived as cute and adorable, but once you get to know her, you'll see. Lucy wants to travel the world, she wants to try new things. She will want to surf, ride scary rides, skydive, swim with sharks. Lucy is pretty fearless, and she wants to be known like that, but nobody will take her seriously, shes just too cute! But along the quest for faithful friends to have her back, she will accomplish many of these things! Whether she finds them of not, it doesn't matter, Lucy is tough inside. Lucy's often tackle depression, but being so tough they will yell at themselves in their heads to toughen up, and vula! She is gorgeous, but she doesn't see it. So many people would die for her body, but she hates it. She's big on gender equality. She gives the best hugs, you have the most interesting and fulfilling conversations with her, and shes a sucker for the beach and cats. She's sassy, and she'll always be the one you can talk to about your problems, she'll fix them. Shes fun to be around and a bit crazy, you want her as your friend.
Guy 1: Jesus, have you seen that new Lucy girl? She's so cute!

Guy 2: She's a Lucy, she's more than a pretty face, man! She's a lot to handle in a relationship, but in the end, its so worth it.
by heretoexpose April 15, 2015
A girl with a very lose vagina...
Ana gets banged by every guy in town, she is such a Lucy!
by ValerieRuiZ October 31, 2007

Another word for lunatic and someone who has serious mental challenges and sucks at math!!!!!!!!

Chris:Hey did you see that fat lucy walking down the street!!!!!????
kris:ya she was sure a lucy
by numasolal February 27, 2008

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