An ankle bracelet that lets police keep track of you if you're on house arrest or probation.
Kobe could be wearing the lojack pretty soon.
by MJD January 07, 2004
Top Definition
#1 Honing device installed in vehicles. Police are able to locate your vehicle with this device if the vehicle is stolen.
#1 My car got hijacked, good thing I had Lojack installed, the police found it in 15 minutes.
by D April 09, 2005
To stalk or to be obsessive about someone. Originally a brand name for an anti-theft device used by police to track down stolen vehicles.
I swear that girl has you lojacked.
by Kats June 08, 2003
#2 A wedding ring or wedding band.
Awe man, he was so hot, too bad he's got a lojack.
by D April 09, 2005
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