An ankle bracelet that lets police keep track of you if you're on house arrest or probation.
Kobe could be wearing the lojack pretty soon.
by MJD January 07, 2004
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#1 Honing device installed in vehicles. Police are able to locate your vehicle with this device if the vehicle is stolen.
#1 My car got hijacked, good thing I had Lojack installed, the police found it in 15 minutes.
by D April 09, 2005
To stalk or to be obsessive about someone. Originally a brand name for an anti-theft device used by police to track down stolen vehicles.
I swear that girl has you lojacked.
by Kats June 08, 2003
#2 A wedding ring or wedding band.
Awe man, he was so hot, too bad he's got a lojack.
by D April 09, 2005

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