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A popular online pairing between Jack Overland Frost (Of Rise of the Guardians) and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Of How to Train Your Dragon)
"Yeah I ship Hijack"
"But neither one of them are gay?"
by Aedan Frost March 22, 2013
Forum speak, is when a thread is taken from one direction of discussion to another completely off course topic or many different topics in a short period of time.
The Canadian members on SXC are well known for hijacking many topics in the free photography communities forum.
by newbrand November 26, 2005
The action of forcefully taking an object, and using it for own purpose.

Or in other words-Kicking the crap outta some weakilng, taking his shit, and fucking inside-out.

Word Family:Hijack-Hijack-Hijacker
He hijacked my car!

And in other news, a band of wild-western bandits just hijacked a 20 century train, now how fucked up is TAHT!?

To hijack a browser.
by userdan December 17, 2005
1. To take over by force
2. To replace someone's home page to some crappy search engine that they would never have used and still won't even if they can't get it off their computer.
Home Search Assistant totally fucking hi-jacked me! But I still h4x0red its ass.
by TryANewTaco January 18, 2005
To use someone else's account, usually with permissions.
Derpina: "Hey, is it okay if I hijack your Netflix account?"
Friend: "Of course! It's"
by RudeAndNotGinger March 09, 2015
n. A term to describe male masturbation on an airplane or any other mode of transportation, at a significant height.
Willie got tired of reading all of the boring magazines on his flight, so he decided to head to the bathroom for a hijack.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
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