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A mid-level commander/officer rank in many modern military forces. It can also be used to refer to a second-in-command in military or political hierarchy.
That guy is a lieutenant in the Army.
No, he is the Lieutenant Governor.
by Nicolai June 12, 2004
a low level U.S. military officer in the Air Force, Army and Marines. Officer ranks (which operate separately from enlisted ranks) are categorized as O-(1-10) A Lieutenant is an O-1 or O-2. Only in the navy is this different where a Lt. is an O-2 or O-3. In Contrast a General or Admiral is an O-10.
The term can also be applied in civilian terms to refer to a second in command. As in a lieutenant governor.
I don't care... just ask some lieutenant to do it.

The governor is on vacation, so the Lt. Governor is running things for a few days...
by EB835120 July 21, 2008

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