1.A brown oblong object, often found floating in a toilet, consisting of faecal waste. A turd. Especially a large one.

2.A brown oblong object, often capable of floating, consisting of bark-coated wood. A thick branch or trunk of a woody plant, no longer attached to said plant. Usually the product of a tree surgeon.

3.Something you use in Mathematics which no one ever uses IRL.
Person in need of a poop: "I gotta go 'see a man about a log'."
Pal: "Don't go leaving any logs in the pan (toilet bowl). My girlfriend's round later."
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
Top Definition
To cockslap somebody, when you have a penis like a horse's.
She pretty much deserved a good logging after the horrible joke she told, but no one with enough viagra was around to do it.
by whorrorshow May 04, 2007
1. The male gentialia.

2. A children's toy produced by fictional company Blammo!
"Get off my log!"

"Action log, by Blammo!"
by El-Keter October 10, 2002
A very firm and large turd. Often the result of constipation that has caused several days worth of poo buildup. It can be very painful from stretching the hole much wider than normal. Other problems caused by logs can include getting stuck because of excessive thickness got one hanging and very extended times sitting on the toilet due to excessive length.
"Hey, what's taking so long in the toilet"?

"Sorry...I can't go any faster, I got this huge "Log" coming out and it's taking forever!!
by Mickeymysterious1 April 24, 2009
A large piece of timber.
Hey look, it's a large piece of timber, also known as a log.
by MuzlFlash September 01, 2003
a standard looking tube-shaped poo.
Someone dumped a shit in the public swimming pool whilst it was packed and as soon as the log reached the surface everyone in the pool evacuated!
by bread infection November 29, 2009
state of being a dead weight in the morning after a night of drinking
"What's Amani doing?...it's 3 pm!"

"Being a log."
by Log's roommate March 23, 2010
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