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4 definitions by timpacalypse

an extremely fun and educational board game played by stimpy and ren's cousin, sven.
ren: i'm gonna hit ya, and punch ya..
stimpy+sven: noooo!!
ren: ohhh yes.. but first, i gotta take a whiz!
(ren unzips his fly and proceeds to urinate on said board game, shocking the shit out of himself)
catchy advertisement jingle: *don't whiz on the electric fence!*
by timpacalypse February 20, 2009
the best toy in the history of toys, advertised on the ren and stimpy show. produced by toy company "Blammo!"
It rolls down stairs, rolls over in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog.. fits great on your back, it's great for a snack, it's LOG LOG LOG! it's LOG, LOG, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood! it's LOG, it's LOG, it's better than bad, it's GOOD! everyone wants a LOG, you're gonna love your LOG, everyone needs a LOG, LOG, LOG, LOG!
by timpacalypse February 21, 2009
stimpy's conscience, who spend an episode as ren's conscience.. and beats ren over the head with a blunt object whenever ren hits stimpy.
ren: "you idiot!" (smacks stimpy)
*catchy whistle-tune plays in the background.. as a precursor to jimminy lummox clocking ren..*
by timpacalypse February 21, 2009
about a week before Halloween, you go around and jack a bunch of un-carved pumpkins from in front of a bunch of houses...the bigger the better. Then, as the passenger of the car, you have the driver floor it and lean out of your window, your outer arm cradling the pumpkin and your other hand gripping the "oh-shit" handle inside the car so you don't fall out. Once the car reaches a good speed (at least 40 mph) you roll the pumpkin in a bowling-type of fashion towards any target of your choice...preferably something expensive. Then just sit back and watch the show!
Dude, that stupid bitch chased me for a long ass time after we went pumpkin bowling into her trash cans.
by timpacalypse October 08, 2005