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A gorgeous girl with A sexy body. Though she isnt A flirt, but everyone flirts with her because she is beatiful on the inside and out. She's athletic, funny and ambitious. She believes in peace all around the world but doesnt really like to get into politics that much. She likes to have A good time and is loved by almost everyone. She doesnt care about what her haters think because she knows they are all jealous. she has awsome taste in guys and clothing. She may not notice all her secret admirers but thats because she doesnt like to rush to judgment. Overall shes one of the best and hottest people you will ever meet.
Hey Look Its Amani ;)
by HatersSuck May 19, 2010
ama-knee In Arabic it means wishes and is a girl's name. In Sawahili it means Peace or Love.
Amani used to live here.
Amani organization in Tanzania helps children.
A band in NYC is called Amani.
by Armeany November 08, 2005
A female of Arabic or Swahili descent. A beauty that attracts all kinds of people. In Arabic her name means my Wishes, and indeed this is the kind of girl you've been wishing for. In Swahili her name means Love, and indeed this is someone you will love. She's smart, kind, forgiving, and a great friend. She always wants to make people happy and constantly tries to make people smile. A genuinely nice girl who should be treated like the beautiful princess she is. She's a good person to be around, so if you ever meet one, never let her go. Ever.
"Wow, Amani is amazing!"
"If only everyone was like that."
by thetruthisntalwaysbad February 23, 2013
expensive and addictive like cocaine.
person 1: how much did you pay for that shit?
person 2: dont ask its so amani

person 1: yo you gotta stop this habit man
person 2: i know mann its just too amani
by ramonl0ver October 15, 2006
A girl/boy who is smart when she/he wants to be, but pretends that she//he is dumb to get attention!
Hey see that girl over there yeah she is a total Amani!
by bfairfax8 April 20, 2009
--an athletic species of male decent. normally jamiacan, tall, nice abs, possess desirable hair that normally attracts attention from female onlookers who on average need to feel it. --this species consumes an abnormal amount of food, buts its okay because the body of the amani absorbs it without holding any fatty layers (like girls)--an amani normally can dance, has nice manners, and is likeable --if you happen to catch one, hold on tight and dont let go.
yo! i see amani!

damn, hes a keeper!
by Dokhtars February 29, 2008
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