the best toy in the history of toys, advertised on the ren and stimpy show. produced by toy company "Blammo!"
It rolls down stairs, rolls over in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog.. fits great on your back, it's great for a snack, it's LOG LOG LOG! it's LOG, LOG, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood! it's LOG, it's LOG, it's better than bad, it's GOOD! everyone wants a LOG, you're gonna love your LOG, everyone needs a LOG, LOG, LOG, LOG!
by timpacalypse February 21, 2009
a female sexual partner who does not physically particapate much in the act of sex. Basically, just lays there like a log
Q: was she good in bed?
A: nah, she was a log
by Stan April 04, 2005
1. A long, formed shit that falls in 1 piece from one's asshole into the toilet. Does not generally consist of compacted poo balls, but rather a uniform, 'pointed at both ends' shit.

2. A dude with a skin rocket hangin between his thighs. Swings back and forth when he walks.
1. Adam: "Dude hurry up we're gonna be late!"

Craig: "Holy f*ck Adam check out this log I just dropped."

Adam: "Damn dude didn't know your asshole could stretch that far."

Craig: "Haha f*ck off man. Your fault... You with that log you got in your pants.

Adam: 8-) "Hell yea..."
by JTHowelll2 May 12, 2010
A sports player who, due to being very tall, suffers from uncoordination and struggles to bend down to pick a ball up.
(Ruckman/football player over 200cm fumbles the ball on the ground)
Fan: OMG, what an absolute log!
by FootyFan21 August 07, 2010
Plural form of "LOG"...

1. What Opie & Anthony's Jim Norton pay's dirty Transexuals to drop on his chest.

2. mmm goody chocolate treats!
Hey big dick daddy, whose on XM satelite radio channel 202, want me to drop a big log on your chest!

How about i drop these logs on your face?
by Bryan Biggs November 08, 2005
Something to say when a joke isn't funny, instead of the common 'no' or an unimpressed look. Usually accompanied by a pause.
A:'why did the chicken cross the road'
A:' to get to the other side'


A: I have such a funny story, (insert unfunny story here)
B:.... log
by ;) ilovebablake December 24, 2009
Elite. That is the only word. Also, Sexy beast is acceptable.
"WOW IM LEET!!" - LoG!
by LoG! August 09, 2003
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