a very long, solid peice of shit. sometimes so large in gurth it makes one cry or grap thier ankles and really push.
i had the biggest log today
by Jay May 10, 2003
1) A journal or diary
2) Slang for fecal matter, especially of the long, cylindrical variety
1) After a stressful day, I enjoy sitting down and letting all my anxiety out through my log.
2) My day is never complete until I have pondered life's great mysteries while producing my log.
by Oprah March 11, 2003
In essence, another term for shit or crap. Log can be used to describe something that is not enjoyable, annoying, useless, ect. Its an all encompassing word for negativity, and can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
"Sara is so log, she keeps yelling at me."
"Today's weather is massively loggish."
"I've really got to log, where's the washroom?"
by Pseudonymmm November 29, 2007
A turd that block the bog
jeez you logged the bog!
by filth April 23, 2003
loaf, turd, by-product
Spock found the Captain's Log in the toilet.
by PantyPhantom January 27, 2005
acronym for lamb of god, one of the greatest metal bands ever
hey man, did you go to the log show last night? you didn't? youre dead to me.
by nave88 October 08, 2007
A nick name or pet name for a cute and loveable person named Logan because it's so hard to come up with anything else from that person's name.
Logan: Hi Stephy wephy

Stephanie: Aw, hi Log!
by unknown1993 December 24, 2007

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