like "lol"... "LOG" means to LAUGH ON the GROUND
that was a hilarious joke, LOG.

I just LOGged so hard i fell of my dinosaur.
by noahmvhs January 24, 2011
LOG ( Lights - On - Girl )
A girl who is still there when the Night Club lights are switched on at the end of the night. She is the girl who has probably not had any sexual pleasures from a member of the opposite sex for some time.
Normally of large appearence, sweaty, spotty or just plain revolting.
Oh - its close to closing ive not pulled yet, its ok though - i'll just grab a LOG on the way out.
by LeeSumm1 November 03, 2010
Definition: cigarette.

variations include but are not limited to loggum shlog logga shlogga loggumbop shliggum shlig loag shloganopolis stoagie
I need to get another pack of shloggums
by zbrown12 June 05, 2010
1.a very fat man or woman
2.a pice of wood
3.a lazy person
1."mom look at that log"
2."can you walk across the log"
3."dad get up you log you"
by toll2323 April 09, 2009
A word meaning "Lots of giggles". A girly way of saying lol.
"I think Bon Jovi is realy cute"
by 5car May 28, 2005
Lots Of Good Sex

A man talks about having logs at the local club with several ladies that he knows.
Gary logs it up at Kool Jays bar with 2 bombshells, a redhead and a blond he's getting plenty of booty.
by 1olddog4u July 23, 2008
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