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leet speak for "hello" for gamers too lazy to type out the whole word. also used in IRC chatrooms.
ShadowGod has joined #anarchyonline
<ShadowGod> 'lo comrades, i'm too lazy to type hello and trying to be e133t at the same time!
by Toolbox October 20, 2003
No or negative in hebrew
- Ani rotse ksat bira (I want 1 small beer)
- Lo, ani lo rotsa at shatah bira (No, I dont want you to drink brink )
by Fresh_d December 12, 2006
an insulting word used by girls to girlswho arent confident in themselves. bcuz they think that makes them feel better. also used by guys to insult a girl like there ex or if that girl turned them down.
as if whore,bitch,slut, and hooker were all summed into one word to insult girls.
Lauren is such a Lo-bitch, she dumped jake to go out with nick.
by Lauren317 August 02, 2005
A common mispelling for "lol", or ":P". Used quite often on msn, when people are too lazy to check what they're typing.
Guy 1: Hey...my mom died last night
Guy 2: lo lo
Guy 2: lol** :P**
by bryan12 May 26, 2007
typo, ment LOL, lo sometimes sounds cooler to say than lol. Means laough out loud.
My cat came out of the frigerater.
by scott sasaki July 27, 2002
shortened word for a juggalo
hey what up Lo
nothing you
same shit different day
by Akumizzu December 10, 2006
Middle age term used to show something happening in a majestic manner. often used along with "and there was much rejoicing".
snd lo, Lord Wendell III spoke forth that he shalt distribute the remaining hors d'ouervues evenly amongst the attending members of the party, and he did, and there was much rejoicing.
by Buttfucked September 29, 2003