1. Short for "Hello", most commonly used among UK-ish people.
2. A word only ever used before "and behold".
3. Slang for Halo. (Nerds only, for serious.)
1. Guy1: Lo.
Guy2: Lo.
2. Most of Jack's UD definitions suck, and lo and behold, this definition sucks.
3. Guy1: Let's go play some lo.
Guy2: No, let's go get some pussy.
by omfgsoAWESOME May 27, 2008
Slang for the word "Love"
"I lo it"
"Hey Lo'er (lover)"
"I lo you"
by ECaalaman May 15, 2006
another word for "no"...see lolo
Emily is lo stupid! Emily smart!
by Poop January 15, 2003
Refers to Halo, Halo 2 and even the upcoming Halo 3, which is quite possibly the best game ever created.
Yo Rob, wanna go play some 'lo?
by jalbs November 25, 2006
nickname for laura who are awesome
"Hey Lo! wutup girl?
by mike December 07, 2004

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