the perfect woman. smart, nice, fun, outgoing, beautiful
damn, isn't she just a Lo
yea man, you're so lucky
by 12pseudonyms October 13, 2010
a nickname for Lauren or Laura.
Zack: Hey Lo(:
Lauren: Heyyy
by EAT**<3(:**ME January 23, 2009
laughing obliviously
He starting to lo when his teacher cracked a joke.
by Ming Yan September 11, 2011
An abreviation of 'Hello'. Not LO which is often a typo of :P.
You: Hey.

Me: 'lo
by word_freak April 30, 2011
slang term for hello, (shortened)
lo bob.
by whitetiger16 May 16, 2004
Slang abbreviation for 'lol' (laugh out loud) meaning to "Laugh out".
"lo lo lo That's hilarious"
"I am lo'ing (laughing out) right now.
by Matsolls1 May 04, 2011
Lo short for Lohol see below

1) Lohol - aztec for water lily

2) Self righteous dry humping bitch

3) Shorten to Lo- Lo in Chinese means ugly.
Gosh that girl is so Lo, No wonder she has to dry hump.
by lalalovesu February 06, 2010

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