hello but shorter
ring ring lo?
by justanothersomebody March 11, 2003
A more ghetto way of saying lol.
Always spelt with capitals.
that's LO shit man, innit bruv
by The Long cock Shot March 19, 2008
A common misspelling of lol.
Person1: You're stupid
Person2: lo.
by tzp_kerrigan April 29, 2007
lulu...simply and plainly
Girl who loves dos horsies
"Lo like from the show Laguna Baech!"
by Emily December 03, 2004
Slang for any version of the game Halo
You dawg you trying to play some lo?
by thebigscott189 February 04, 2008
short for lowie, a kind of slut who isnt quite hott but would be willing to give sexual favours to anyone just for a quick minute of attention
my ex is a fuckin lo, my bitch is da biggest lo there is
by cee_jay April 12, 2007
text type fow low.
"hey ur actin lo 2day, wots up?"
by steph (nambar wan) May 22, 2003

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