a word used by two people in love that are too nervous at the moment they want to say "i love you" to actually say it. they will instead say "i lo you" which implies their true feelings without setting themselves up for rejection of rushing things. a good marker for knowing where you are in your relationship and seeing how you're halfway there to love.

*most likely followed a week later with the phrase "i lov you" and then sometime later the full phrase "i love you"*
girl: we need a new term. i'm tired of saying how much i like you.
boy: agreed........... what about lo?
girl: lo?
boy: yeah, lo. it means we're halfway there to...... that other word.
girl: i like it. i lo you.
boy: i lo you too.
by imgonnamarryyou January 28, 2010
Contrary to popular believe, this is not an abbrieviation of LOL, It is in fact typo. It is almost always followed by *:P
You: Yea well, whatever LO
Stranger: LO?
You: *:P
by overlordjebus July 18, 2009
Laugh out though not necessarily loud
Say what you like, it's just plain ludicrous, lo.
by Hercolena Oliver December 30, 2008
The dumbass way to spell "low."
You hit an all-time lo.
by GWR Definition Agency July 18, 2005
short word 4 hello (2 end letters of hello)
*ring ring*
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
A word to express laughter or to describe something funny. Short for lol.
Person 1: Hey hows it going?
Person 2: lo

Person 1: hahah look at this noob
Person 2: lo as
by Ashley Greenwood May 22, 2008
A common mispelling on the dashboard of cars which indicate the level of air coming out of the A/C system.
Lo, hi or rear control, it is your choice.
by § July 18, 2004
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