lls, "meaning laughing like shit", is usually used on most chats by teenagers, and is basically the teen usage of lolz or lol.
Bob: i saw this gay dude walking around with a stick in his hand and he was polishing it and having fun!

Jim: lls
by Dr. Pop October 25, 2009
The worst pick for Urban's Word of the Day in the history of existence.
"Ohai guys, what do you think we should pick for the word of the day today?"

"Well, we've already picked words that are funny, topical, and insightful. Why don't we pick a piece of unholy crap?"

"Good idea! Let's go with lls."
by Ruth Hater Ginsberg September 22, 2011
An acronym & abbreviation for "Little Lesbian Sister". Used to define a female who is not related to the BBB by blood but acts as a sister nonetheless. A LLS will always have a BBB.
Joe Smo, the BBB, bought donuts for his LLS, as Joe Smo knew his LLS was stressed.
by mime222 July 04, 2014
Lick Larry's Salad
"HeyMan FUCK you"
"go LLS"
by auntjemima!@#$ August 25, 2011
Lesbian Lovers
Jessika and Ziba are such LL's
by Jewwie February 16, 2010
Laughinqq likee shitt
Youu are so ugly lls , Sikee nahh girll ; youu know im just playinqq
by Sunshinee' lovee <33 ; April 07, 2010
Lookin' Like Shit
I tried to make one out of fiberglass, but it was LLS.
by combatpigg January 26, 2009

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