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A term which originated in the first person shooter Quake in the late 90s, though it has since fallen out of use. A llama is a player who knows all the rules of an online game but uses their knowledge to disrupt or destroy his own team at any given opportunity, usually by exploiting game mechanics. A llama purposefully shoots teammates when friendly fire is on, drives vehicles into combat alone to be destroyed so teammates can't use them for their intended purpose, spams flash grenades at inopportune times, and blows up their own base if possible.

The term is related to but predates griefer, and was reserved for players disruptive only to their own team. A llama is different from a noob in that the player is not new to the game but in fact uses their familiarity with the game to purposefully harass their own team.

Probably one of the most well-known examples of llama behavior, crouching in front of the exit to your team's respawn in TFC used to prevent teammates from leaving the respawn room but kept the door open for enemies to shoot/spam grenades through the door, leaving your team defenseless.
"This guy won't stop throwing flash bangs and stealing all the health packs. What a llama."
by mbrunswick July 09, 2013
Verb: The act of hocking a loogie that is combination of of semen and phlegm anywhere on to your partners body. Must be accompanied by a nasty hocking noise to be most appropriate. It is closely related to snowballing.
"My date was going great - I got a blowjob - I came - I thought it was swallowed - but then the son-of-a-bitch llama'ed me!"

snowballing loogie llama llamad
by Justsomeguywhogotllamad April 28, 2013
hood term, for the big guns, ak's, mac's and tec's
leroy went through the back door of the club for a half of stack so he could bring in the llama.
by bert2 September 15, 2005
a hairy animal that spits at you if you bother it.
i pet a llama at the zoo
by Dreama March 14, 2005
A gun company located in Spain that produces semi-automatic .380 and .45 caliper handguns.
"You're now rockin with the livest, beams on the Llamas, New York City's finest." - 50 Cent
by JDiesel May 23, 2005
A get-together similar to a party, only really chill, and the guests are comprised of socially awkward people. Llama's tend to take place on a Friday night, in one small room, last for hours and hours, and end on a really awkward note (Like watching "Confessions of a Porn Addict")
Often, a Llama will begin with a larger amount of people (7-10), but slowly drop off as the night progresses.
Jonathan "Hey, I feel like a wall-flower tonight. I don't want to go to a party."
Sarah "Then don't. I'm having a llama tonight, come to that instead."
Jonathan "Okay. Who's coming?"
Sarah "So far? Me and you."
Jonathan "Cool."
by rewy400 January 08, 2011
Laughing Loud at my actions
I tripped, LLAMA!
by Orville28 July 25, 2010