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(v.)- Owning someone with mind games in order to achieve your goals. This usually involves deception and careful planning. In the process you owned someone really badly.

This is a reference from one of the most popular anime ever made, Code Geass. In this anime, the main character is a strategist who manipulated and outmaneuvered his enemies in order to create world peace.
"Dude. When the school administrators called me in on suspicions of cheating, I L.L. the them into investigating this one student I hate, and he got caught. The adminstrators' suspicion about me was also cleared!"

-Shows how someone escapes from danger and brings down his enemy in the process.
by BAMF55 May 29, 2009
LL stands for Laidback Luke, a Dutch DJ and a producer.
LL is the best House DJ.
by HouseMuzik October 22, 2011
-Literately laughing

-Laughing Loudly

used in texting language instead of LOL (laugh out loud). LOL is used to keep a conversation going. LL means that you are really laughing.
"Did you see the teachers face when Jordan jumped on top of the table during class? LL!"
by SwagginGirl November 26, 2011
Meaning You act like Lindsay Lohan;An insult for girls.
Hey did you see Hailey acting all LL?
by KGpimp April 12, 2007
Used to pause a conversation in online chat. Often used in replace of 'BRB'.
Ange: So what time is it?
Kelsey: ll
Kelsey: 7:23PM
by angepange October 28, 2009
Liquid Lunch: a lunch consisting of pure alcoholic beverages. Usually the place of location would be the "Pizza Joint", "Park", "Target Parking Lot" and other hot spots which are
conveniently near the work place. Friday LL's are the best, always starts the day off right!!! Friday LL's usually lead to HH...Happy Hour...
AC: "Hey who's down for LL today"
AG: "Dude...I'm so down"
AC: "Call the guys and see who's in"
AG: "I already did and they're in"
AC: "Sweet...lets jam!"
AG: "I'll get this one...you're getting HH" :)
by Always Gorgeous July 13, 2007
Abbreviation of lol or LOL
Laughing Loudly
A typo when someone means lol but misses the O
Person one: ll
Person one: *lol
Person two: you realised ll is the abbreviation of lol?
Person one: thats awsome ll
by *coolbeans* June 06, 2009