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Sexy man with a nice body who is loved by everyone and only loves half of them back! Also called Jaraaaaaaaaaaddd, Jarebear, Jay-rad, or Gay-rad. But only I can call him those names...
I'm going to Jared's pool today!
Really? Awesome!
Yeah, I just hope his brother lets me in his house.
by KittyLL June 16, 2010
Lesbian Lover!!! Purely, an inside joke held by super close awesome friends.
I love my LL
by KittyLL June 16, 2010
A loud, super crazy, amazingly beautiful, trustworthy girl who can NOT dance. If you're lucky enough to know Blabigael... you're lucky!! :)
Oh my gosh! Did you see Blabigael at the dance?!
Yes... Blabigael may be awesome, but she can't dance.
by KittyLL June 16, 2010
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