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Laughing Like a Maniac. For the times when we laugh louder for no reason at all.

Laughed, Laugh, Laughing Like a Maniac.
A dog ate my keys :(

ahahahah i just llm
by LLMllmLLM July 21, 2011
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Life limiting mistake
getting lost in the desert is a LLM.
by ttx8k82 May 18, 2011
It means "laffin lyk me"
(TEXT MESSAGE) g-Wut the heck! A whole buncha bees started randomly chasin me outside!!!

og- LLM! Are you ok?? did you get stung
by *****************m3*********** April 03, 2010
LLM is an acronym for Love Life Motto
"My LLM is 'the hotter the better'"
by BoogerBags34 August 29, 2009

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