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a sweetness that knows no bounds. thoughtful, courteous and respectful. to qualify as a Schmidt one must be irresistably adorable.
My boyfriend is such a Schmidt! He brought me flowers for no reason.
by maureenkay August 05, 2008
Someone who should never be underestimated.
"Don't underestimate her, she's a Schmidt"
by kindofabigdeal2012 July 06, 2012
Taking a shit in a pool or any water but a toilet
Hey, you just schmidt in the pool.
by Purple Wave December 12, 2006
Definition: An occupational surname for "blacksmith" or "metalworker," from the German word "schmied." The German equivalent of the English surname SMITH.

Surname Origin: German

That's so Schmidt.
by susan1992 December 12, 2010
1) Kairos terminology for Shit.

2) Bro Love
Dude... you da schmidt, bro
by 37-77 January 02, 2011
(verb) To massively overreact to the truth, based on Google CEO Eric Schmidt's overreaction to CNET when they showed how much information Google could access by searching on his name. This male diva declared Google would not talk to CNET for a year.
Ashlee Simpson schmidted when a critic said she was a lousy singer.
by John Marshall August 31, 2005
To thrust penis back and forth in to the vagina.
I fucked the schmidt outta my gurl last nite!, holy schmidt
by buck laow March 23, 2010
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