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n. a person who has no personal beliefs, strengths nor is he willing to take a stand for any cause.
v.t. limpdicking...the practice of having no personal strengths or beliefs.
Bill Clinton is a limpdick because he vacillates in ideology depending upon popular consensus and polls.
by Jim Hauff August 01, 2003
n. 1)A man without the testicle fortitude to tap the ass of the hotties at a party 2)One who cannot get an erection
Don't be a limp dick! Go tap that ass!
by Ajones April 17, 2003
1. a flaccid penis

2. a case of erectile disfunction

3. an impotent or ineffectual man
Give him a break. He has limp dick you know.
by Light Joker May 20, 2006
Slang name for erectile dysfunction. (See definition for dick splint for cure)
Until Congress passes a Medicare supplement for prescriptions like viagra I'm going to have to rely on popsicle sticks and duct tape...mighty tough to find willing partners though.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
noun- someone who is going through a hardtime, or is just pissed off.
syn- butthurt
Jon (walks up with a sad face)
Mitch- yo jonny why you all limpdick rite now?
Jon- ahh man i just found out my women cheated on my ass
by Dreesey January 14, 2007
1. a man with erection problems

2. andrew
andrew has a limp dick and therefore couldnt fuck nikola
by smyles January 28, 2008
A male that cannot get an erection
"so were there all ready to go and he turns into a fukin limpdick"
by WalkieCamoKurtie June 30, 2006
Someone who cannot achieve an erection. A person who may not be able to perform sexually because of nervousness, awkwardness or just plain malfunctioned.
I felt ashamed of my limp dick. Maybe i should get a sex change already.
by sonni vitale...... April 21, 2008