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Thankfully short-lived joke form of samba, a commercial bastardisation aimed at satisfying overweight, sweaty businessmen who could do no more than limply shuffle their feet about in pursuit of fame, fitness, fashion and pussy.
Lambada was a Brazilian answer to karaoke.
by kofi May 18, 2003
10 22
The forbidden dance-an extremely sexy dance, legend says that doing this dance can get a girl pregnant.
Guy A : did u see jason dancin the lambada with Jess

Guy B : yeh maaaannn, she must be pregnant now !!
by angel eyes ;-) July 28, 2009
56 7
Amusing Latin-style party dance:

1. Imagine you have a pencil up your arse.
2. Try to draw a figure 8 on the wall.
"Of course, when it came to dancing the Lambada, Johnny was without equal."
by KHD May 25, 2004
38 30
It's the rythm that the old brazilian mothers dance, it's the forbidden dance!
Caio's Mom: Son I'm going to dance lambada on the club!
Caio: Alright mom, have fun!!!
by Overfucker January 30, 2006
19 14
nada haver veio
by anonymous June 18, 2003
11 24