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\Ha"ver\, v. i. Etymol. uncertain. To maunder; to talk foolishly; to chatter. Scot. --Sir W. Scott.
"...and if I haver, whatever the fuck that means, I'm gonna be the one who's havering to you"
by paperless September 02, 2003
1. haver (English) possessor; land owner; proprietor; master

2. haver (from Hebrew) friend; comrade; companion.

3. haver (from scot) to talk nonsense; babble
"It is held that valor is the chiefest virtue, and most dignifies the haver." - William Shakespeare (1564–1616), British dramatist, poet. Cominius, in Coriolanus, act 2, sc. 2, l. 83-5. Praising Coriolanus for his courage in battle
by macgruff November 18, 2010
It means to talk nonsense, chatter.
"And if I haver, I'm going to be the one havering to you." The Proclaimers
by Anita June 12, 2003
A prefix usable with almost any word in the English language, used to associate and/or personalize said word with Haverford College near Philadelphia. A byproduct of using the haver- prefix is that any word it is used with instantly becomes much cooler than it was before.
haver- is the coolest prefix ever.

Havergirls and haverguys are so nice to each other, nobody haverpunches or haverinsults anyone thanks to the Havercode!

1: Haverfood just isn't cutting want to take a haverwalk down to the IHOP?
2: Nah, let's just take the haverbus to Bryn Mawr and eat their food since it's so much better than our haverfood.

That haverparty was haverawesome!

I heard Stephen Colbert's in Haverdelphia this week.

All the 2012 admitted students love our haverchats way too much.
by "Bear" April 16, 2008
To put forth no effort when you assure people that something will get done; failing miserably when people are (inexplicably) depending on you
Scott: "Hey V, did you install those lab stats on all those things over there and this and that?"

Vitaliy: "No, sorry Scott. I totally Havered it.
by mmmmmhmmmmm June 21, 2011
that thing your mama does when the deer is lying on the ground almost dead and its one eye is twitching up at you.
I walked outside to see the deer we had just shot from the upstairs window, and it havered up at me.
by haveringwithhenry November 01, 2010
painting a log pink , while being naked and drinking canada dry giner ale w/no ice
"And if I haver, I'm going to be the one havering to you."
by Ben/Kelly October 31, 2004
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