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An ill fitted cap most likely purchased at Lids.
Yo nigga check out my new koofy, shit is fresh to death; or KOOFY SMACK!
by TONI MOHAWFER March 21, 2006
a winter hat that is rolled up past the ears.
yo, that koofy is ugly.
by D~Legal October 24, 2004
in the game of basketball, to hit many shots in your opponents face.
Yesterday at the park i was shooting koofies in your face.
by Andres and Steve May 02, 2008
A hard smack for something done or said very stupid;Usually done in the back of the head
Derrin:Yo,why do you have a microwave
Dre:That was really dumb (then that person gets a koofy smack
by Dredizzat July 12, 2006
verb: when shit be poppin'

noun: bitchin awsome
Dude, this party is koofy

Maaan, you koofy!
by Sex.E. March 09, 2006
when your playing basketball and you make a shot you call out, "Koofies!". Or you can just say, "koof"
I just koofed that shot in ya mouth!
by Hashmir March 04, 2005