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n; A more detailed and humiliating variation of the bitch slap in which you put baby powder (or some other light powder-like substance) on your hand and slap your "ho" in the face once, and bring your hand back again, effectively hitting her with the back of your hand.
Sean: Did you get the money?.
Greg: She was holdin' but once I gave her a koofy smack, she coughed it up.
by doublev June 23, 2006

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to smack somebody so hard that the koofy fly off they head
scenario:sum1 get hit in a game and they koofy fly off

loud mouth nig: Yo that nigga jus got koofy smacked

Smacker: yo stop hypin it
Smackee: Nope now we fightin' bitch
by J M0C April 16, 2008