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Slang For Nike Air Force One sneakers.
Yo bitch!! u just stepped on my Ones!!!!
by D~Legal June 29, 2005
also known as "koofey smack" created by dipset's jim jones. Koofey is a very hard slap.
"koofey smack that nigga" "yo you slapped the koofey out that nigga"
by D~Legal November 10, 2004
a winter hat that is rolled up past the ears.
yo, that koofy is ugly.
by D~Legal October 24, 2004
A Product nintendo made to stay "up-to date" in the handheld world. Nintendo must of heard of the PSP comming out and made up DS so they wouldent lose in the handheld world too... yea the touch screen is cool, but theres been people that had their touch screens not work on them..
PSP is a better haldheld to get, yea it cost more, buut u get what you pay for! DS would be good for a child, but PSP is overall better.
DS Fanboy: Yea W/E! PSP sux im gunna be a loser and talk to my other DS buddy on picto chat! even know we have to keep within 50 feet of each other! man i cant wait to play with my DS online... i hope it dont talk as long as nintendo gamecube did.... wait? did it?

Other guy: wow DS looks gay.. im glad i didnt buy it! *goes to e b games and buys PSP*
by D~Legal June 29, 2005

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