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a winter hat that is rolled up past the ears.
yo, that koofy is ugly.
by D~Legal October 24, 2004
in the game of basketball, to hit many shots in your opponents face.
Yesterday at the park i was shooting koofies in your face.
by Andres and Steve May 02, 2008
A hard smack for something done or said very stupid;Usually done in the back of the head
Derrin:Yo,why do you have a microwave
Dre:That was really dumb (then that person gets a koofy smack
by Dredizzat July 12, 2006
verb: when shit be poppin'

noun: bitchin awsome
Dude, this party is koofy

Maaan, you koofy!
by Sex.E. March 09, 2006
when your playing basketball and you make a shot you call out, "Koofies!". Or you can just say, "koof"
I just koofed that shot in ya mouth!
by Hashmir March 04, 2005
An ill fitted cap most likely purchased at Lids.
Yo nigga check out my new koofy, shit is fresh to death; or KOOFY SMACK!
by TONI MOHAWFER March 21, 2006
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