A position in the KKK marching band in the wind section. The klugle plays the flugelhorn, an instrument similar to a cornet.
Maynard used to be First Klugle in the Arkadelphia KKK marching band but as the result of a big Hebrew conspiracy was dismissed for playing a kornet instead of a flugelhorn.
by nilpferd July 27, 2003
A P-08 Luger pistol, a favorite sidearm of Klansmen that relects their unique American values and politics.
Brandishing his klugle before the crowd, Grand Wizard Purifoy preached tolerance, "We ain't got nothing against Jews, just them SOB's what killed Christ; we ain't got nothing against non-whites, just them what's got the mark of Cain; got nothing against Catholics either, just don't trust folks who don't eat red meat on Friday."
by jorge August 09, 2003
A rank in the Ku Klux Klan between Imperial Wizard and Klaxtain.
Klugle Darryl was adept at crossburning, achieving stunning visual effects not seen since the 1936 film "Immorten der Juden" by Leni Rieffenstahl, but wasn't destined to be an Imperial Wizard because of his predilection for small boys and barnyard animals, nevertheless, he made me mighty proud to be white.
by Percy Dovetonsils III July 24, 2003
A rank in the Ku Klux Klan above kleagle but below moron.
Irvin had earned the rank of klugle back in '63 by shouting abuse at a black 9 year old school girl. The girl is now a circuit court judge in Montgomery while Irvin is still fixing flat tires at A-1 Tire Service & Tanning Boutique in Verbena.
by harry flashman July 20, 2003
A coin issued by the autonomous Kirghiz region of Kazakstan equal in value to 2 kopeks.
While visiting lovely Alma-Ata, I bought a yak-yarn yashmak from a Yemeni Yeoman yclept Yusef for 12 klugles.
by Percy Dovetonsils III July 30, 2003
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