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A perverse sexual act wherein the man inserts his fingers (or hand if possible) into the womans vagina, and proceeds to move it around in a way to make flatulent noises similar to those created when cuffing one's armpit.
Man, Kevin played the flugelhorn on that slut so loud last night that I could hear it from the room next door.
by Stampy May 21, 2004
A variety of trumpet. Also undeniably the funniest word in existence.
Lemme play some of that flugelhorn!
by purplefeltangel December 07, 2005
A trumpet-like instrument which has the same valve combinations and is played in the same way but produces a deeper sound with better tone.
Bob could play the trumpet and the flugelhorn; the flugelhorn sounded better on solos.
by WindWaker68 October 28, 2003
1. An embracing act of love whereby the male in the relationship gently and softly visits "her" with his fingers from his perfectly sized hands.
2. A brass instrument resembling a trumpet but with a wider, conical bore. A member of the saxhorn family.
3. A term used "How I met your mother", a popular American comedy, used by Robin to describe when Barney goes too far
"I can't wait to be flugelhorned later" wink wink ;)

"I play the flugelhorn in my local brass band"

Robin: "we've been over this, unless I say 'flugelhorn' you haven't gone too far."
by ilikecarrots June 08, 2010
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