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49 definitions by jorge

Erect penis; see: boner
Long Dong Silver could never get a real hard on, because his penis was so long.
by Jorge December 06, 2002
Also fellatio

N. The act of orally pleasing the male genitalia.

Throughout history felatio has been an exertion of dominance over his lessers. During pre-biblical times, a farmer might force a thief to perform felatio to him had he found said thief trying to steal goods from him.
Felatio is the culmination of a prom night's hard work.
by Jorge December 16, 2004
(noun) from the celtic word "aisse" (the anus)and the German word "meister" (sir/lord/master); def.: one who is the lord of more than one ass; the keeper of asses; an ass manager.
I would not pick from that juicy bed of asses until I'd gone ask permission from the resident assmaster.
by Jorge April 04, 2003
1) A salvadoran female. (male: salvatrucho). Long before the "Mara Salvatrucha" became prominent, the terms "Salvatrucha" and "Salvatrucho" were commonly used to denote somebody originating from El Salvador.
1) Jose told me that Maria was Mexican, but I just found out she is Salvatrucha.
by jorge February 16, 2005
An amount (generally one ejaculation) of male semen.
I just shot a wad in the shower.
by Jorge December 16, 2004
Nazi gretting
Heil Hitler
by Jorge May 18, 2003
1. Gynecomastia. Abnormal growth of breast tissue on human males.
1. Rob's gyno is embarrassing, he should start wearing a bra for those bitch tits
by jorge March 01, 2005