The sexy goddess of intuition. She is 25. doesn't get any older, has an army of 15 billion males of all races and species who'd do anything for her. You are one of them if you've ever breathed.
"that's so kim, so she just bounced off of a trampoline and you never saw her again?"
by warum October 21, 2011
when someone is playin' they game right or making some noise and gaining momentum. you tell em to "keep it movin'"
yo you seem to be doing the right thing, keep it movin' - k.i.m.
by Spectre Thompson June 06, 2007
hot. usually go for logans. love dogs and usually have blonde hair, or are natural blondes. they love hanging out with people and love cuddling. interested in photography. love nature. they spend lots of time exercising and swimming. very athletic. tv hog. sleep ALOT. texters. go for brunette guys. crazy about dimples. great kissers. good teasers. like to play hard to get.
hot great kissers. logan dimples kim
by partylover April 02, 2011
Keep In Mind
When opening this box, KIM that you can't use scissors.
by TehLulzinator May 14, 2011
Kim is a really nice girl ,she is shy at first but when you get to know her she is mad ,
she's not afraid to make new friends ,she is really nice to talk to and is really funny,
she is a legend,she loves chocolate and loves listing to music,
kim is upsets with that one boy,she is so nice ,she has an unreal figure ,
She has brunette hair and it's long,she loves to text,
she hates when people don't text back,she has many friends
,she is so cool and is amazingly Perfect,she loves that one boy,and she loves her bed
I love kim she is so amazing
I know she is so nice and funny
She's really shy but then she can have her mad funny days
She is perfect
by Orange core December 01, 2013
One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She will become only of your greatest friend. Kim loves her chocolate so make sure you get her some. Kim is cute, pretty and obviously gorgeous...
She loves to travel overseas and loves to talk.

However, she tends to hide her feelings, but once you know her she opens up greatly. Kim is clumsy but this is all made up by her AWESOMENESS
Phillip - Hi Kim
Kim - Hi Phil
Phillip - Here are some chocolates!
*Drops the chocolates (clumsy)
by hnimna October 03, 2011
Someone who is very beautiful, yet is humble about it. A girl that has an extremely cute personality that can make anyone smile. A kim is really caring about the people she loves and are important to her in her life. She can be a lazy ass at times but knows exactly what she wants at the end. A kim has an amazing heart and is really sweet. Their favorite color is usually white so if it's not white it is not right.. Same with guys that they usually wanna be with they have to be of that type and for most of the part are named... David?
-Kim is haute.
by -fatty May 18, 2011

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