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1. the hottest guy to walk this planet. He plays Dean Winchester on the hit show Supernatural.

2. walking example of sex.

3. someone I'd give up my virginity to.

1. Oh my god, jensen ackles is so friggin' hot!

2. ..."so this is how babies are made, son. if you have more questions just look at jensen ackles. but don't go all homo on me boy. it CAN happen....."

3. yes, jensen, ahhh ahhh, oohhh, harder baby, harder, ahh, ooh, oh god jensen, oh yes, YES, YES, FASTER, HARDER, YES JENSEN!!!
by S.G. loves J.A. September 17, 2006
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A Great Actor, most well known as "Dean Winchester' from Supernatural.
Jensen was born on March 1, 1978 in Dallas, texas.

Jensen has also acted in 'Days of our lives' and 'Smallville'
Jensen Ackles is very good looking
by Tina-Fish September 23, 2007
An incredibly beautiful talented actor, who deserves all the recognition for his work and his acting.

Known for his many roles in various films and tv shows such as Supernatural, Days Of Our Lives, My Bloody Valentine 3D and Smallville.
Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

Jensen is breathtaking in every way shape and form.
by spnfan September 24, 2011
Extremely attractive male who is most commonly known for playing Dean Winchester on CW's Supernatural. Very naturally funny, smart, sweet and talented. Married to Daneel Ackles and father to their child, Justice Jay (aka JJ) Ackles. Apparently protective on set. Likes country music because he was born in Texas, but has semi adapted to his character's music taste of classic rock. All around good person. Apparently very protective of the women on set. Isn't that adorable.
*During sex scene in the show*

Girl: *walks towards the camera after taking her clothes off*
Jensen: *is waiting right behind the camera with an open robe for her to walk into*
Jensen: Good take.

Every female: *cries because Jensen Ackles is a perfect man*
by that_one_white_latina July 09, 2016
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