to pull a maneuver of EPIC proportions, usually resulting in greatness.
I just pulled a kim
by JoeyJoey03 February 02, 2010
the most ammmmmazzzazzing girl ever!!! and i lurve hers.
she's such a kim
by bluemarker May 05, 2009
The only woman who will bring Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Aaron Johnson, Adam Brody, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, and Zac Efron to their knees.
All hot men likes a Kim.
by shotatiger September 08, 2010
to smack in the face with testicles, in a decidedly feminine manner
That guy tried to score with her, but he totally got kimmed instead! Shit!
by pgss July 26, 2006
The hot feisty girl out of a group of girls. The girl you were always intimidated you, causing you to never ask her out. She always stood up for herself and never took crap from nobody. She has the nicest set of racks and a nice butt. Always the girl that you fantasize about after a long night of grinding at the club.
sam: yo, bro, i seen you with Kim the other night
owens: dude, i finally got her number
sam: bro, is it how i think it is?
owens: dude, you gonna have to get your own Kim to find out.
by krazymunkey September 15, 2010
Indescribable... i tried to describe her once but couldnt find a word or enough words to accurately describe her. Just think of the most amazing person you've ever meet and times them by 7.
the view was kim.
by SomeFritzy September 10, 2011
the one who got away. name for a very short girl. The one who puts guys named angel on their knees. Kim is such a tease. Girl will you date me pleease.
angel: damn man i loved her
jose: well then why'd you break up with kim?
angel: i dont know, it was the worst mistake of my life
jose: yeah it was
angel:brb im going to kill myself
jose: you should
by smokeme August 15, 2010

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