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A smart, awesome girl who will be a loyal, great, and sweet friend. She'll trust you completely and you can trust her. She's smart but too trusting with people who will use her or be mean to her. She is very kind.

Kims are very pretty but are humble and don't show off.

A Kim will fall in love with someone and obsess over them and never want to let them go even when the person moves to Colorado.

A kim is a great girl. She'll be your BFF once you get through her shyness.
Girl: You're so great Kim!

Boy: God, I like Kim. But all she ever does is follow Brett around.

Teacher: Isn't Kim great? She's so smart and doesn't drive me nuts.
by A+H=4eva February 18, 2011
a cat that is crazy/weird enough to:
A. try to eat your foot
B. jump up a flight of stairs
C. climb the dog
and D. watch TV intently
Holly: Hey, that cat just tried to eat my foot.
Maddie: Yup, he's a Furbie.
by A+H=4eva February 18, 2011
A total back-stabbing bitch that pretends to be your friend then turns on you and talks behind your back.

A slut/whore/loose girl. A boyfriend stealer and user.

A liar. A bitch. Someone who has no future.
Girl 1: I can't believe it. She's totally turining on me! I thought we were friends.
Girl 2: I know. She's such a Cassie.
by A+H=4eva February 18, 2011
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