The most beautiful girl ever. She's perfect. She can make you laugh and smile when ever. She's adorable, but can be sexy when ever she wants. I love you kim.
Guy: "damn she looks like a kim."

Guy 2: "hey she's mine. She's perfect"
by confusedblackgirl January 24, 2015
Sweetest gal around. Very loving and always willing to help others.
Girl 1: hey I need help with this homework, do you think the new girl will help?

Girl 2: of course she will, she's a Kim!
by Organic cook September 10, 2013
3.beautiful! your so kim.(smart)
2.i wish i was kim.(rich)
3.i'm so kim.(beautiful)
by [*********] March 03, 2008
A sweet compassionate girl that has a magic touch to everything. She makes me 'dale' breathless. She is the most Nuffest chick you can ever get in a life time. There are to many words to describe this lovely lady :) but to me shes everything.!
Dale: Kim is stunning to me!!
by Daleloveskim July 13, 2009
The last name of many, many Korean people. It's like Smith or Jones in English-speaking countries.
Hey, look! Everywhere there's a Kim! Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Kim Young-sam, Kim Dae-jung...
by Shi Bin Rui April 11, 2004
Usually a well rounded female. She usually obtains the unique ability to shove children down her throat whole. She will usually have a very wild side to her. She often will scream things such as "I'm unleashing the beast" or "Hershey blows!" All while suffocating innocent people during parent teacher night.
:CAUTION: Restricted area due to Kimberly sightings
by Zachsimone12 February 21, 2015
n. 1. Keep It Movin'... 2. Kimberly Chanel Daviss-Calderone....
Simply put, when the bullshit starts up, K.I.M.----Keep It Movin'
by misstigalilli September 05, 2010

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