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n. 1. Keep It Movin'... 2. Kimberly Chanel Daviss-Calderone....
Simply put, when the bullshit starts up, K.I.M.----Keep It Movin'
by misstigalilli September 05, 2010
6 8
Kim is a really nice girl ,she is shy at first but when you get to know her she is mad ,
she's not afraid to make new friends ,she is really nice to talk to and is really funny,
she is a legend,she loves chocolate and loves listing to music,
kim is upsets with that one boy,she is so nice ,she has an unreal figure ,
She has brunette hair and it's long,she loves to text,
she hates when people don't text back,she has many friends
,she is so cool and is amazingly Perfect,she loves that one boy,and she loves her bed
I love kim she is so amazing
I know she is so nice and funny
She's really shy but then she can have her mad funny days
She is perfect
by Orange core December 01, 2013
1 4
k.i.m. = keep in mind
"k.i.m." tomorrow is Ashleys Birthday!"
by jerseyjoshy April 09, 2010
6 10
Knee Impaired Midget
"That is really something that would happen to a K.I.M."
by yeahthatone18 December 06, 2008
5 9
acronym that stands for Krazy Insane MotherFucker. These 3 letters is always given to an OCD afflicted female who wants someone of the opposite sex but doesn't have the courage to talk to or cheat on with. A crazy bitch who needs to get some real dick but is unable too due to being on the hook by her current pimp.
Hi, Stop being a K.I.M. we were just messing with you. We didn't really mean it.
by HWAHWAHWAHWAHa STFU biatch April 25, 2010
3 12
(n): 1. Song by Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
2. A word to use in place of bitch, derived from the song "Kim" by Eminem. This is a good word to use because most people will not realize they're being insulted.

*This is not meant to degrade those named Kim, it is simply a slang word from a song.
1. Friend: Hey listen to this song, it's called "Kim".

Me: Well that's violent.
2. Random Chick: Oh my god, you are so stupid.

Friend: And you're a kim. Have a nice life.

Random Chick: Wait, what?
by Miss Teree November 08, 2012
5 18
Beautiful, meant to be with Kevin
Dang that girl is such a kim
by cookiesmen December 09, 2010
31 56