Knee Impaired Midget
"That is really something that would happen to a K.I.M."
by yeahthatone18 December 06, 2008
Usually a well rounded female. She usually obtains the unique ability to shove children down her throat whole. She will usually have a very wild side to her. She often will scream things such as "I'm unleashing the beast" or "Hershey blows!" All while suffocating innocent people during parent teacher night.
:CAUTION: Restricted area due to Kimberly sightings
by Zachsimone12 February 21, 2015
The awesomest person alive, He will slap you with a fish if you missed with him or his friends.

"slapping people with fish since he was a baby" What a legend !
"Dude why are you crying !?"

"I missed with Kim, so he slapped me with a fish ! "
by P_OBAMA November 27, 2012
n. 1. Keep It Movin'... 2. Kimberly Chanel Daviss-Calderone....
Simply put, when the bullshit starts up, K.I.M.----Keep It Movin'
by misstigalilli September 05, 2010
k.i.m. = keep in mind
"k.i.m." tomorrow is Ashleys Birthday!"
by jerseyjoshy April 09, 2010
A being of pure evil. It was forged in the deepest corner of hell. Kim is known to hate kittens, cute puppys, and Leonardo Dicaprio.
Kim only eats junk food and hates suicide hotlines he wants people to kill them self.
If you see a Kim throw a shoe at him and yell "scrabledamle" that will make him go away.
Guy 1: Dude look! There is a Kim!
Guy 2: Quick, throw a shoe at him!
by greatowl September 01, 2014
Has no friends. Hates comments about her wrong doings. Way too competitive. Cant take a joke. Hates anyone who might be better than her. thinks she can sing and dance (can't). enjoys talking about her "boyfriends" and dancing. Attention seeking whore. Repetitively says YOLO.
"kim just punched me in the guts in a friendly game of basketball"
"Look i learned a new dance move" -_-
by AJxxxxxxxxx February 13, 2014

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