When the gun is turned sideways, as if someone was trying to kill you. If the weapon was used in this instance, you would die instantly.
Watch out, thats a killshot move.
He's going for a killshot!
by HockeyPower April 17, 2010
Top Definition
A deathblow; coup de grace.
The ship was heavily bombed and shelled, but the killshot proved to be a torpedo from an enemy sub.
by plan b November 18, 2003
when a gangbanger/ ghetto man/ anyone scary with a gun, instead of holding it like most people do. will twist the gun to a sideways horizontal position, to shoot and kill you.
Guy: You really think you can steal from Joe Biletto?
Phil: This is just a big misunderstanding. We are Phil and Clara Foster. God no! He turned it sideways, killshot, that's a killshot!
by razzazzle March 30, 2010
The act of turning a gun sideways and pointing it at someone.
"Honey just relax, oh my godd\ he turned the gun sideways, kill shot, kill shot
by TheWhiteKnight42 December 30, 2010
A Shot of 37 % Or higher in which 200 mls are consumed in one Go. Originating From the inventor Killian.
Bystander: "Fucking do a Kill Shot hey!"
Victim: "please i want to live"
Killian: "nup"
Victim:'' I have a family"
Killian: " Fuck the Rules!"
by Kill Shot Master September 09, 2012
used in intense match point games such as ping pong or pool or anything where the opponent is about to use it to win the game.
yo, joe blow, get ready for my mutha fuggin killshot!
by nobody you know February 16, 2004
A definite finishing line in an argument. Usually crosses the line and is a very offensive statement, but results in a decisive and unanimous win for the person who executes it.
Jones and I were arguing for about an hour last night, til I hit him with the killshot and told him I turned his lesbian sister straight with my cock of glory.

"I'll dig your mother up out of the grave and skull fuck her!"
"Damn, killshot!"
by Dirtyblazer09 September 22, 2011
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