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to have sex. "horizontal" as in lying down, having sex, but doesn't necessarily mean having sex when lying down.
"Lets get horizontal, baby!"
by thenico March 09, 2009
Sleeping or lying down
Gosh i'm so tired I really wanna be horizontal right now!
by FREAK303 June 26, 2011
Usually occurs during a bout of food-poisoning or a night on the beers which can lead to severe pains and abnormalities relating to excretion. Upon going to the toilet for a dump, rather than fall vertically from your backside it will spray, or release horizontally. Called 'doing a horizontal'.
"You might want to be careful when using the toilet, I've just been for a horizontal"
by murtin November 30, 2006
an object or line that is ;

1) on its side
2) on its back
Person 1: "hey do you know how i remember the word horizontal?"
Person 2: "No, how?"
Person 1: "Because whores are always on their back"
by swaggafied3 December 05, 2011
to be passed out...usually frum drinking but jus plain asleep can qualify also
"I drank so much saturday night, i was totally horizontal all day sunday."
by juss_peachie January 16, 2006
An insult, meaning extremely boring, almost to the degree of being asleep, like you're talking with a person that is comatose.
That guy is so horizontal, I thought my blank stare was going to get stuck on my face and I would forever be under suspicion of being a serial killer.
by WordzGuy April 02, 2011
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