A tremendous word used when describing that something is good/tremendous. Often used alongside the word 'things' to create "keen things", as well used when describing a particular outlandish statement made by an individual.
"Hey Kels, want to go shoot some hoops and do some lay ups?"

"Mick I think that Bynum is better at the post then Dwight these days."
"Sully that is a tremendously keen call!"

"Oi Sully, want to go drink beer and do some graff?"
"Yeah man! Keen things!"

"Yo Pac, want to go write some bars with six and smoke some j's?"
"Yeah gangster things!"
by Jeffman123 April 18, 2012
Sharp, Clever, Distinct.
by Asoler March 21, 2014
This term is used when a person is willing to have sex with someone.
Person 1: "Keen?"
Person 2: "Sure thing chicken wing ;)"
by The Truth Uncovered July 11, 2013
Keen;a person who's keeps getting fucked by his girlfriend.
guy:hey,im horny lets get keen
guy:yeaa but your on top.
by iloveyouka May 28, 2011
A word of approval or a compliment
"that is so keen"
by Blondie4life January 08, 2009
1. To be eager/enthusiastic about something.

2. A word that can be used instead of cool.

3. Sounds like the word keane which is the name of a really shit band.

4. A person who's real name is Mark Smith.... he's a twat.
"My god!! I am so keen to do this thing that i want to do!!"

"Dude, that tissue box is keen man."

"I went to see Keane in concert, they weren't keen, the were fucking awful."

"don't talk to Keen, he's a real twat... he comes up with bullshit replys that make no sense to every insult you throw at him."
by Smoulder March 13, 2005
Small testicles.
Damir slapped his keens, gleefully.
by quasimo May 18, 2009

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