A fictional organ.
Birthed in the name of Teh lulz
Based on non-fictional organs, the spleen and kidney.
"OW! you punched me in the keen"
Doctor:"due to complications during your surgery we needed to remove 1/4 of your keen, they are in a jar over there"
by postman42 January 09, 2011
Keen is the word for a young lad of 15 that goes by the name of Jack Pickles.
by jraltttt July 21, 2010
excellent, wonderful
That party was totally keen.
by The Return of Light Joker November 12, 2009
to get have a good time, get fucked up, get laid, etc
Guy: Can you chill tonight? I wants to get keen
Girl: Yeahh just bring some tweeds and a condom
Guy: keen!
by openforbusiness April 05, 2009
One who is plays a game-console non-stop, doesn't stop talking about it and always makes inappropriate comments regarding the console and it's games. The console is usually Xbox 360, but in rare cases PS3.
Joe: What did you do yesterday when Katie went to your house, you shag her?

Mark: No I Made Her An Xbox Live Account And We Played Halo Till Early Dawn.

Joe: You're So Fucking KEEN!
by n00bMaan June 05, 2009
A sweet clothing line.
Awis wears Keen.
by JiF November 09, 2004
showing interest in something
Oh that shirt is keen!

( also can be used to say your fine. ex: oh im just peachy keen)
by Vamptress July 22, 2003

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