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what you call a douche bag who calls himself many differnt things. including nerd cruncher, african american, jewish, and a few others. he is a little white boy who thinks he is black.
Man: Kazz your my little bitch
Kazz: I aint be nO oNeS be-otch
Man: I hope you like a cock meat sandwitch
Kazz: Do iT cuM wIt Da cReaM FiLlin
Man: It sure does. Now start eating you little bitch
Kazz: Man i loVes dEM coCk Meat SaNDwitChes
by samtheman4808 May 09, 2008
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1. Typo of the word jazz, can be used in place of as well, also a 4chan meme if this word reaches publication.

2. Synonym for the words "stuff," "shit," or "nonsense."
1. I fancy rollerblading and all that kazz.

2. That's some pretty okay kazz man.
by demonictoaster June 30, 2010
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A human waste man from planet earth, generally nicknamed by his fellow earthlings cock head 3000. Lived in the christian year 1994 - 2056 . Died of being a complete cock his human body couldnt take the cuntness of himself
android 1C3D: "what a fcking Kazz head you are"

android 3GH1: "WTF YOU JUST CALL ME..."
by cock head 9000 February 08, 2013
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