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Most beautiful girl, that most people admire. Very talented, loves God and loves sports.Sometimes viewed as a tomboy. Everyone wants to be her, or at least be around her. Can have total mood swings sometimes, but still she is the numero uno. Beautiful smile and outrageous body! Swagged out, indeed she is!
Girl-Did you know Essence was throwing a party?

Girl2- Yea, you know it's going to be hot if Essence is throwing it!!

Girl- Of Course, she's the best!!
by Fashion_ISTA March 01, 2010
The heart of something or the importance of it. Something that gives another a meaning.
My boyfriend is the essence of my life
by CuteGirlfriend November 29, 2009
the hottest thang on the block, she makes pimps pay her money
damn essence pimped three dudes on her block
by chocolate child November 29, 2005
a bootneck term - to be really good, nice or beautiful.
ah that meal last night was essence

that chick i met last night was essence!
by toyah August 05, 2007
The Way A Lady Will Carry Herself..Attitude,Way She Walks...milkshake
I like her essence, it makes her and her personality beautiful.
by GivIt2Me February 01, 2004
What is shared from one Vampire to another while making a new vampire from a human.
After exchanging blood with the human Jessica in the act of making her a vampire, Bill Compton was buried in the ground so he could share his essence with her, a vital part of making a vampire. (characters from True Blood)
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
The kind of cologne that gay men wear.
Counter-Strike Clan Team Essence
by burned September 03, 2003
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