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An adjective for awesome. Drawing etymologically from the awesomeness of the female sex organs.
"Oh, it was total cuntness! It had a strong lead female and a surprise ending!"

"And was dinner good?"
"Oh yeah, it was total cuntness. We went to that new Thai fusion place I've been wanting to try and their coconut soup was cuntness and a half."

"So was your date a nice dude?" "Oh yeah, he's got a job that sounds like absolute cuntness and plus he's really cuntness in bed!"
by dayglogirl April 20, 2010
Chutism, Chutiya, Noob !

Fucking noob who don't know anything, Just to utter ugly wisdom less words!
Here's the cuntness,

I can see the cuntness whenever he proposes a girl.

He is a fucking cunt, full of cuntness!
by Dimebag Sucker July 06, 2009

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