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jur is the chinese way of saying penis, it is usually said in conjuction with another "jur". Ie, jur jur
omg my jur jur is so hard!
by MatthuC April 14, 2005
JUR- Joke Upon Response.

Usually used while testing the limits of a girl.
JUR Example 1
man: "So baby what do you think about a threesome tonight?"
girl: "Are you kidding me!?"
man: "Obviously I'm kidding with you, you are the only girl I want"

JUR Example 2
girl: "Sorry honey we can't have sex tonight its that time of the month..."
man: " Well looks like we will just have to do it in the butt ha ha!"
girl: " I guess we could try"
man: wins
by Penguin Power11 January 08, 2011