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1. Another one of the endless terms we use in gaming.

2. Something Adam would say.
1. "pmg t3h ub3r pwn j00 1337 sp34k r0x0rz jur b0x0rz und de f14m3-w4rr10r 123v017 1337! 1337! Qm9r0f1m400vvn493"

2. Po my god! Heather come over here! Teh turtle has just roxorz teh boxorz of tat fish!
by t3h ub3r 1337 n3rd December 31, 2004
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A l33t sp34k (leet speak or elite speak) phrase, meaning: "rock your boxors" Usually said by haxors or 1337 computer gamers after handing out some pwnage. (ownage)
"m4a1 colt r0x0rz jur b0x0rz"
by Kyle C aka Z3phyr July 27, 2003
something seth would say
meg - y0u r0x0rz mY b0x0rz
by babii girl November 22, 2003

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