A reply, reaction, or otherwise the act of responding.
A poor example:


Martin: Hello John.

John: btw taht was a response, rigt??/?

Martin: Yes. Yes it was.
by Requisite July 23, 2008
And your only . response to an intellectual statement is... "oh my gawd, ladidadi da (please excuse me I don't use real names because I am an asshole) is so stupid. She's such a fucking loser. Oh my gawd, I think my toe nails are going to curl because she's so stupid and has no brains" blah blah blah blah fucking blah.

See how immature and intellectually retarded you present yourself? You have no way of being honest and can't accept the truth so you have no other way to respond but to be a foolish dolt. Excellent. Really proves to show your lack of cleverness.
Oh my gawd. Such a stupid dumb cow. She speaks so much of sense its fucking disgusting. She speaks the truth she such a cunt.

And my response to you is. "Yes, bafoon. Enjoy your foolish game. Your stupidity seeps through your words and lack of brainpower. Yes, mumble bafoon. Mumble."
by oneplusoneequalsone August 20, 2014

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