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Supposedly l33t speak for a computer box. Somehow the irc abbreviation doubled the length of the word

Typically used in conjunction with r0x0rz e.g. 1 r0x0rz jur b0x0rz

The meaning has morphed into boxer shorts in a case of irc whisper down the lane.
I prefer b0x0rz to b213f5.
by mandingoe June 09, 2004
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No it means a computer ... r0x0rz my b0x0rz doesn't mean rocks my boxers, that would be retarded.
OMFG I pwn3d u ... that r0x0rz j00 lolz.
by yarr November 30, 2003
primarily slang for a computer, or "box"

some missuse has skewed the definition and is sometimes used to mean "boxers" as in "boxer shorts"
Jimmy used his 'nade to explode Billy's head in Halo online. Jimmy r0x0rz Billy's b0x0rz.
by KarmaGhost April 27, 2004
a computer, especially a unix (sux0rz dickz0rz) box that runs p|20n serverz
i r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz. alternate spelling: 80x0rz.
by mjrvodka March 22, 2003
l33tsp34k for Boxer shorts. Often used in the same sentance as r0x0r to emphasize something being awesome or arousing.
"Get lost, geek."
"D0 I R0X0RZ J00R B0X0RZ??///"
by Nobuyuki October 06, 2003
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