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To own, particularly with impecable style.
I r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz with a gl0ckz0r.
by knormish March 17, 2003
Rocks in leet. No, not rocks as in stones. Idiot.
Dude 1: i r teh r0X0rz
Dude 2: no j00 iz teh suX0rz.
Dude 3: You both suck. I rock.
Me: ...
Dude 3: Oh yeah, you too.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
to rock in an especially 1337 \/\/4y.
such as " |-|3y d00d 3y3 r0x0rz j00r 80x0rz i|\| 7|-|3 8|_|770n|-|013 cuZ 3y3 4|\/| 50 1337 d00d."
by mjrvodka March 22, 2003
Newb way to say rocks, kickass...
t1m3 2 r0x0rz j00, ub3r n00b
by Brian October 14, 2003
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